10" Chubby Hooked (Reaper) 12" Chubby Hooked (Reaper) 14" Chubby Hooked (Reaper)
10" Chubby Hooked (Reaper)12" Chubby Hooked (Reaper)14" Chubby Hooked (Reaper)
WO580 10" HookedWO582 12" Hooked ApeWO584 14" Hooked Ape




16" Chubby Hooked (Reaper) 10" Chubby Outlawz 12" Chubby Outlawz
16" Chubby Hooked (Reaper)10" Chubby Outlawz12" Chubby Outlawz
WO586 16" Hooked ApesWO610 10" OutlawzWO612 12" Chubby Outlawz




14" Chubby Outlawz 16" Chubby Outlawz 8-1/2" Chubby Ape
14" Chubby Outlawz16" Chubby Outlawz8-1/2" Chubby Ape
WO614 14" Chubby OutlawzWO616 16" Chubby OutlawzWO513 8-1/2" CLASSIC APE




10" Chubby Ape 12-1/2" Chubby Ape 14" Chubby Ape
10" Chubby Ape12-1/2" Chubby Ape14" Chubby Ape
WO515 10" Chubby Ape HangerWO502 12-1/2" Chubby ApeWO572 14" Chubby Ape




16" Chubby Ape 18" Chubby Ape 20" Chubby Ape
16" Chubby Ape18" Chubby Ape20" Chubby Ape
WO509 16" Chubby ApesWO570 18" Chubby ApesWO571 20" Chubby Apes




Chubby RG Bar 1984-2007 Touring Cable Kit 2008-2013 TOURING MODELS
Chubby RG Bar1984-2007 Touring Cable Kit2008-2013 TOURING MODELS
WO517THESE ARE MADE FOR: TOURING: 2007 AND EARLIER FLHR, FLHRC, FLHRS, FLHT/C/CU, FLHX, FLTR and all CVO models. DYNA: FXDB 91-92, FXDC 91-92, FXDF 08-17, FXDL 93-00, FXDS-CON 93-00, FXDX 99-05. Comes with clutch, throttle, idle cables & complete brake line.

DESIGNED FOR 2008 - 2013 TOURING MODELS. FLHT/C/U/K, FLHX, FLTR (ROAD GLIDE), FLHR/C (ROADKING), ALL FLH/FLT MODELS. Comes with clutch cable & brake line. Matching lower lines for ABS bikes to front calipers are available for added cost.




Images of cables are for color reference only. TBW Extension Wire Extensions 2011-UP Softails, 2012-UP Dyna, 2014-UP Touring
2014-2021 TOURING CABLE KITTBW ExtensionWire Extensions 2011-UP Softails, 2012-UP Dyna, 2014-UP Touring

DESSIGNED FOR 2014 - 2021 TOURING MODELS FLHR, FLHT/C/U/K, FLHX(S), 2015-2020 ROADGLIDE as well as tri-glides.


In 2011 they changed the control switches to a CAN-BUS system on the Softail models and did it to all Dynas in 2012. In 2014 they did it to all models acorss the board. The wires are smaller so it makes internal wiring easier. These fit up to 20"...




1996-2013 Bagger Wire Extension Kit Ultimate 2008-2013 Bagger Handlebar Wire Extension Plug and Play 1996-2013 Bagger Handlebar Wire extensions
1996-2013 Bagger Wire Extension KitUltimate 2008-2013 Bagger Handlebar Wire ExtensionPlug and Play 1996-2013 Bagger Handlebar Wire extensions
"Old School" style of extension kit, the kind that you can cut, stagger the splices then solder. We even added the terminals needed to go back into the connector that attaches to the main wiring harness. For those of you with soldering skills,...

Ultimate Bagger Handlebar Wire kit for 2008-UP. Wires for TBW & Heated Grips Included.





Molex Pin Extractor Tool For 2007 & Newer HD's Clutch Cable Trans Gasket Handlebar Bushing kit
Molex Pin Extractor Tool For 2007 & Newer HD'sClutch Cable Trans GasketHandlebar Bushing kit

Transmission gasket for replacing clutch cable.





Billet Cable Clamps for 1-1/4" Handlebars PRE 2008 TOURING CLAMP 2015 and Newer Road Glide Clamping System
Billet Cable Clamps for 1-1/4" HandlebarsPRE 2008 TOURING CLAMP2015 and Newer Road Glide Clamping System
CABLE CLAMPS FOR 1-1/4" HANDLEBARSWO538WO539 2015-2020 Road Glide Clamping system